natural eyelash & eyebrow enhancements

eyelash tint / $30

(lasts 6-8 weeks)

eyebrow tint / $25

(lasts 4-6 weeks)

*add an eyebrow tint to any brow shaping and save $5 *

lash & brow tint / $48

eyelash lift / $70

(last 8-12 weeks)

eyelash lift & tint / $90


* for best results: please come with eyes clean (makeup removed), if possible;

for longer lasting results, it is best not to wash the lashes or brows for 24HRS *


What is an eyelash lift? Is it the same as an eyelash perm?

An eyelash lift is a semipermanent treatment that lifts the eyelash from the root and curls them.

Yes, it is the same as an eyelash perm.

What kind of chemical is used?

It is a perming solution - similar to the hair treatments but made exclusively for the eyes

How long does the lift last?

It varies from client to client, but the average is about 8 to 12 weeks! 

How will I know when it's time for another appointment?

The lift gradually fades away with washes, so you will start to notice your lashes drooping and losing the curl. 

Is it recommended to do both the lift and tint together?

Yes! Especially if you have light colored lashes and want to minimize your daily routine. Even for those with darker lashes, the tips of the hairs are often much lighter, so it helps to show the full length of the lash. 

Can I wear contact lenses during the appointment?

We advise against wearing contacts during the appointment, as pressure is applied and can risk scratching your eyes

Can I get them wet after treatment?

We advise not wetting or washing your lashes for 24 hours while the solutions are setting in order for it to last.

What products can I use? Can I wear mascara on top?

You can use any, but preferably oil-free, products. Oil slowly strips away the lift and tint which keeps them from lasting.

You can wear any type of makeup on your lashes, but be mindful of the type of remover you use!

We advise avoiding mascara or liner in the first 24 hours while the solutions are setting. 

Can I swim?


The lift and tint is a FANTASTIC option for vacations! No worrying about mascara running or flaking throughout your day whether you are sightseeing or swimming! 

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