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an esthetician's philosphy

Hi, I'm Salwa, the owner and master esthetician of Spa Lapis! 


In 2010, I embarked on the journey of skincare and spa life. What intrigued me was the biology of the skin and the science of healing it. Even more so was understanding how much of our lifestyle effects us from the inside out and vice versa.

While in school at the Catherine Hinds Institute, I went through my own physical and spiritual transformation. Immediately I began to see the change in my skin! Soon after, I was working at an spa where ayurvedic traditions were at the core of each service. There I learned that it isn't just about physical balance, but the energetic as well. All aspects of our being are of equal importance.

Throughout my years as an Esthetician, I have given my clients the same advice I would give myself: You are what you eat; less is more; you get what you give.

My goal for you is simple - come to me with your concern and together we find a solution. Whether it's for a relaxing, luxurious facial, or a not-so-relaxing wax, I hope you leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and most importantly, like yourself.

With peace and love,


Hi, I'm Marissa!

My journey into esthetics began at the Catherine Hinds Institute. I became an esthetician because I have always loved the beauty and skincare industry. The best part about this work is being in a position to help people feel more confident and help reach their beauty and skin goals. It’s important that my clients can come to me to relax and be treated! Some of my favorite services that I offer are lash lifts and tints, brow shaping, and facials. 

Hi, I'm Keila!

My journey into esthetics began at Blaine Beauty School. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 16+ years, where I’ve worked as a pro makeup artist for print, TV & film for indie projects, and also within the cosmetics industry; as a skincare consultant + educator.  My love of skincare products and ingredients has always been so fascinating to me. I’m grateful to connect with people to help them along their skincare journey. Some of my favorite services that I offer are: facials, brow tint + treatments and body waxing. 

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